Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large ( Wikipedia)

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Digital marketing is the endorsement of goods, services, and company brands through online media channels.

Simply put, It’s marketing via an electronic screen

 Today’s consumers are multi-device and multi-channel, doing the majority of their own research online before they even step foot into a store or speak to a sales person. Buyers today are more empowered than ever before. Within several seconds they can discover anything they want to know regarding product quality, availability, and value.

What is My Brand and How Do I Create Brand Awareness?

Your  Brand Promise
At its core, a brand is a promise to consumers. What will consumers get when they purchase a product or service under your brand umbrella?

The brand promise incorporates more than just those tangible products and services. It also includes the feelings that consumers get when they use your products and services.

The Brand Perceptions
Brands are built by consumers, not companies. Ultimately, it’s the way consumers perceive a brand that defines it. It doesn’t matter what you think your brand promises. The only thing that matters is how consumers perceive your brand.

Kind of scary. How do I change or alter my customer’s perception of me , my brand, my company?
We can help.

The Brand Persona
Rather than asking, “What is a brand?” a better question might be,
“Who is a brand?”
Every brand has a persona. Think of your brand as a person. What is that person like? What can you expect when you interact with that person? From appearance to personality and everything in between, your brand persona is one that consumers will evaluate and judge before they do business with you.

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Bottom-line, a brand is clear, reliable, and believable to both your consumers and your employees.

Yes, your employees. They can be your best brand ambassadors. Build your brand internally.

You must understand your competitors and audience, so you can develop a brand that promises the right things to the right people.

Research should be first, definition, strategy, and execution should follow, and in time, your brand will grow.

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