Why Idaho Integrated Marketing ?

  1. Your branding message is consistent on all advertising medians.
  2. You can explore all your marketing solutions “under one roof”.
  3. You can work with us “a la cart” or we can integrate and manage the entire package.
  4. You are in control of your marketing expenditures and we work within a budget that makes sense and affordable.

We take the guess work out of what marketing strategies and resources will be most effective for YOUR company and provide solutions that resonate with your target audience and provide the platform to generate measurable results.

Our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, and visually appealing marketing solutions that are designed for your business goals

Brian Reeves Founder & President
Dad and Son

In addition to running Idaho Integrated Marketing, I am a guest teacher for the WestAda and Nampa county school districts. Why? Because I find working with kids inspiring and when I leave them with a positive experience, that makes me feel very satisfied. I have a 19-year son, starting his 2nd year in college.

When not working on web sites, my other passions are the gym, tennis & pickleball, anything outdoors, cooking and listening to live bands.

I have worked in the marketing/branding/design industry for over 35 years. We have done work for national brands like GE, Edible Arrangements, U-Haul and over 1500 small businesses from most industry sectors.

I grew up in Canada (Toronto area), moved to Connecticut in 1996, and worked in the Boston – New York City business markets for over 22 years.
Talk about a competitive marketing arena!!

I would be happy to meet for a coffee and banter around ideas or challenges, leaving you with an engaging chat.

We might very well be a great a fit with your business’s marketing initiatives.

My LinkedIn site profile.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-reeves-02a8391/in the 


  • 20+ years competing with some of the best marketing agencies in the world (New York City, Boston, New Jersey)
  • 20+ years helping mid-level and national customers with several printing projects- hands-on press approvals
  • 8+ years product analytics & sales trends with leading retailers ; Office Depot, Fred Meyer, Kroger stores, CVS Drugs
  • 30+ years consumer buying behavior analytics – Personal- Psychological- Social – Minor in Psychology
  • 15+ years managing several brand portfolios for leading retailers; Staples, HEB, Staples, Albertsons, Rite-Aid Drugs, Target
  • 5+ years international product supplier search and evaluation
  • 25+ years graphic design expertise with printed materials, product packaging, signage, Corporate branding, web design
  • 7 years – owned a sign manufacturing company (CT) – exterior/interior signage, trade show displays, vehicle graphics
  • 5 years selling promotional products
  • 7+ years building web sites, performing SEO analytics and directives