What are the Optimal Social Media Image Sizes?

What are the Optimal Social Media Image Sizes?

sharing images 1,200x 628 pixels
Profile Image 400 x400 pixels
Cover Image 851x 315 pixels
Post Image 400×400 pixels

Landscape image 1200×628 pixels, aspect ratio 1.9:1
Square – 1080×1080 pixels
Vertical Image 600×750 pixels, aspect ratio 4:5

Photo 440×220 pixels in your stream
Upload Image 1024×512 pixels
Profile Header 1500×500 pixels
Profile photo 400×400 pixels

Upload images 400×600 pixels , aspect ratio 2:3
Profile photo 165×165 pixels
Product Specs/Sizes : https://business.pinterest.com/en/Pinterest-product-specs

YouTube Images
Channel Art/ cover image 2650×1440 pixels
Custom Thumbnail image 1280×720 pixels

To re-size your image(s) to the optimum pixel size, open the image, go to Edit & Create and crop the image. Or right click on your image and open in Paint. Go to pixels and type in the highest optimum aspect ratio number. It will re-size and keep the original image ratio. Happy Posting!

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